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And Round and Round We Go…

This trip is going badly. I got us lost… AGAIN! This time though we ended up at the bus depot near the airport, waiting for a new bus to take us back to town. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera, otherwise you’d be seeing photos of the super frollicking in the heather, picking wild flowers (which is illegal) and marvelling at the beautiful countryside. We eventually made it back to the conference venue and were greeted by the President of Ireland himself. Obviously, he heard we were coming, and we all know how important and influential I am in the world of supreme higher beings.

220px-Michael_d_higginsHe spoke about why media is important and referred to that guy Habermas (if you’re in the field you would think this is hilarious, I promise). But what impressed me so much was his complete lack of politicking. The whole time he spoke, we were waiting for him to use the stage as an opportunity to push one issue or another. He didn’t. It was refreshing, soothing, and overall, I wish I could go back in time to when he did work in academia so that he could have been my lecturer.

My favourite part came afterwards, free wine and food (although I didn’t see any – convinced I’ve aligned myself with the wine connoisseurs of academia, so food is always avoided in case it mars the robust flavours). Unfortunately, the wine didn’t flow as freely as we required, so we decided to find a good old fashioned pub. Our less worldly counterparts from the coast are rather scared of the working class vicinity of their hotel, so we (now experts in public transport) ventured off to take them from the dodgy end of town to the Brazen Head pub (we wanted old fashioned and this was the first pub in Dublin. Founded in the 10th century).

We only realised once we arrived that it was closer to 10pm than dinner, but using the power of the super and her fair maiden sidekick from the coast, they somehow flirted offered services convinced the very handsome barkeeper to serve us dinner. It was huge, it was amazing, it was starchy. Only in Ireland are you given two baked potatoes with mash and gravy on the side.

You know, this trip isn’t so bad. The diet when I get back will be though 😦



Could I Have A Moment of Your Time?

I’ve decided that tele marketers are possibly working for the dumbest companies! Today I got a phone call from Standard Bank who told me that because I have been such a fantastic customer they have wonderful news for me! And what was this wonderful news.. A trip overseas? Waivering my student loan? No this fantastic news is that they are giving me the opportunity to pay them every month to give me medical insurance! Now really, I’m a student who sold her soul to the devil to earn barely nothing.. The only insurance I need is legal for the day I snap and release my band of rabid pigeons on those who annoy me! But besides that why on earth would I want to spend money on medical when a bottle of wine generally fixes everything… except my mental problems but we really cant expect miracles.. I imagine George Bush’s IQ will rise before I’m mentally sane.

Why Spur Wine is the Devil

Tonight Ash and I hit Spur for a bit of gossip and semi-decent food. She ordered schnizel, me a chicken burger.. grilled of course! But foolishly I also indulged in some of the house’s finest rose.. Needless to say that thats when it went a bit pear shaped! This wine has the power of at least 6 tequilas per glass… so two glasses of it had me floored.. dont tell Ash though.. she thinks I was FINE! However.. I feel it my duty to inform all what can occur from drinking this poison.. besides ignoring the calories from a Spur meal.. it can make snails seem ginormous.. make toothbrushes attack.. and all pain vanish! Wait.. what was my point? Oh yes! Drink Spur wine 😉

Cheese, Wine and The L Word

Last night Michelle and I seemed to gain some normalcy after we both stumbled onto bad TV and proceeded to watch it together on Mxit. We get very involved in discussing plot, characters, themes.. ok fine we like to perv over the pretty guys in bad TV (never mind that they can’t act, they can just look pretty). Anyway, what was the show? Boondocks, a really random cartoon that last night advocated why one should never get arrested… You will undoubtedly be anally raped if you do. However, there was a reason for watching this bad TV… I wanted to watch a re-run of the L Word, something that I never figured weird until Ash’s emotional outburst about the evils of watching lesbians. Can’t say that I paid much attention to her, I think it’s brilliant, shame I think I scared her.

Mich told me that we really shouldn’t be watching this together in the first place. Dear old Dr Jones already thinks that Michelle and I are closet lovers and if she discovered this little liaision it would further condemn us to the department. Personally, I wasn’t too fazed… well not until Mich pulled out the idea of eating a grilled cheese and I suggested wine simultaneously. That’s when I think things got a little pear-shaped for her.. As soon as she realised that once again we would be discussing cheese, whilst slightly intoxicated, and watching the L Word I think she got scared… she changed to Kim Possible.

Can you imagine what people would think if they knew we were watching that and enjoying cheese and wine? Well that had both of us in fits of hysterics… well me mainly, Mich just sent a couple of lols. Oh well let them imagine… actually it worries me that some people are so obsessed with this whole thing, why care unless there’s some freaky secrets being harboured… Hmmmm….

Boozy Lunches

Yeah ok I know that I haven’t written for way too long. Unfortunately my work is sucking the life force from my body and I might possibly snap and go Virginia Tech on this varsity’s ass. So in true student style Meg and I decided, ok well I decided (but don’t tell her that) that we should embark on the ultimate student lunch and drown our sorrows at Stage Coach.

However, in hindsight it’s not the best idea to get a little wasted and then stumble back into Old Main, hitting doorframes on your way back upstairs; especially considering that we officially started things at 11:30 in the morning and potentially lecturers are prowling the corridors waiting to pounce and attack you about something or other that you were supposed to have done two weeks ago. Wait.. did I say supposed to have done, I meant have done, but just haven’t had the opportunity to drop off yet 🙂

I just have one concern as to why we didn’t discover this wonderful pasttime when we were all still undergrads with no responsiblities. Oh, that’s right, we didn’t have responsibility, hence there was no need to drink to hide our pain and problems. I’m now starting to understand why academics build up wine, cognac, whiskey collections.

Pity, that the varsity refuses to pay us poor lowly tutors so I have to resort to buying wine by the glass or worse… stealing ethanol from the Chem labs. Actually at the moment there’s an award ceremony downstairs for certain overachievers who the varsity feels should be showered with money. Maybe I could be pretend to be related to one of the winners and take advantage of the open bar… oh wait… I am heh heh. Pity she’s not sharing some of the wealth with me… hmmm… maybe if I hold her cat for ransom 🙂

The Sound of Music

Last night Michelle got it into my head that it would be fun to watch the Sound of Music drunk. Initially I thought drunkeness would make it easier to sing-a-long and just generally enjoy the movie more. Who knew that the Sound of Music is actually one of the dirtiest and most sexually charged movies of all time?

Maybe I was a little drunk, and maybe I am highly frustrated sexually, however the facts remain… That entire movie is a metaphor for sex. Let’s start at the very beginning… Sorry corny line but it works. Now even if you don’t think that the rest is about sex you cannot deny that the dance between Liesel and Ralph when they are singing 16 going on 17 is not charged with sexual energy, and if the movie had been made today would have ended with them getting down and dirty, climaxing at the end. If you don’t believe me, watch it again and you’ll see… all the sweating, heavy breathing etc.

And don’t get me started on the song Adel Weiss. I mean “bloom and grow” and “you look happy to greet me”. But besides the obvious, there are a number of other smaller hidden references. Like the empty boat… he is a captain after all and how many people realised the father’s name was GAYorg Von TRAPPE… Very very interesting, that and the fact that he walks around the grounds with a riding crop. What does that imply I ask?

So now that I have ruined this wonderful family movie for the world in my own special way, I am considering having another look at Bambi…. heh heh heh…

On another note thanks to the vast amounts of wine from last night’s movie watching I didn’t dream.

It Begins…

I can’t believe it’s almost over!!! Yes I have fought the powers that be and yes I did conquer all!! Ok so all I really did was survive the media department, but hell they are seriously scary… especially after the dream I had the other night.

You try picture your lecturer giving you fashion tips wearing a red dress, silver stockings and tiara!! Not to mention the tights and lace!! It has actually been so traumatic that Michelle has been kind enough to feed me wine during the middle of the week. I mean after spending a morning with your lecturers tearing your beloved proposal to shreds you need something to soften the blow. Yeah I know they didn’t really tear me to shreds but I can’t take them looking at me like that. That glare, that stare, that look of you are a complete idiot why are you even darkening my doorway with your stupid questions?

You can understand why I need the bottle to fix my deep seated issues of inadequacy. The wine doesn’t judge me, it loves me for who I am and all my crazy ideas. Actually they not crazy they just so brilliant that no-one understands them… Well at least that’s what I think, but that might just be my meglomaniac tendancies again… Hmmm…..


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