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Maturity Abounds

wallyYou’d think that once you get to a certain age, you’d grow up, act like a responsible adult and other responsible adults would curtly acknowledge your maturity with a slight nod of their head as you passed them on the street. Yeah, this never happens. You will remain that silly little five-year old FOREVER! Except, unlike when you were five, you now have the leeway to drink, drive, vote and make babies (not necessarily all together – though it could make for interesting voter news footage). You’re probably thinking that my story is going to waddle off on yet another rant about students and student life. You’re wrong. This little tale has to do with those who are in charge of moulding the minds of tomorrow’s street cleaners MacDonald’s waiter leaders.

Now, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that from time to time academics are prone to behave somewhat…err… oddly.  I’ve usually been on the receiving end of their antics. Begging for wine money in Ireland comes to mind, as does placarding expletives in foreign languages all over the lecturer’s lounge, but usually it’s all in good fun, and the short burst of immaturity morphs back into absent-minded nodding at strangers.  Unfortunately, there are some ‘grown-ups’ who never got the memo.

200155_9617200561_1372_nI am sorry to say, that today, after a number of good laughs were had while attempting to bring to life our own version of Where’s Wally, the ‘grown-up’ surveillance system decided that in an institution of higher learning and students, there is no room for practical jokes, immaturity and silliness. It’s all rather unprofessional, don’t you know. As you can see from the picture of our ‘clients’ alongside, we’re all about serving humourless, mature adults. 184_24834065561_3971_n

No room for joking here!

Instead, our morning has been filled with emails flying backwards and forwards, requesting permission from management 100kms away if we can go pee-pee. Yup, it sure is fun to be a grown-up.

PS The bathroom break was noted and granted.


Being Good

Just a few minutes ago I was told that very soon I would have to start putting a disclaimer on my blog because the content is too naughty! This is completely untrue and highly offensive. One because anyone who is underage and reading this, I have never met and therefore I don’t care!! And two it’s your choice whether you want to read my drivel!!

But since I’m a nice person, today I’ve decided that I will talk about something important and refreshing… and no I am not referring to tampons :)What I am talking about is this crappy crappy cold weather that has decided to take up residence in our little sleepy hollow of a town.

And then we have the idiots who seem to think that it is a God send to live in a virtual polar climate for a few days. I’m sorry, but if you love the cold that much go and live in Europe! I don’t wanna hear whining about the heat or summer being so long. We live in Africa dammit, get used to it!!

The only excuse you can have for loving the cold as far as I’m concerned is that it gives the best excuse to stay in bed and keep warm… hee hee. Especially if you need hydration afterwards 😉


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