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Back to Work

For once in my life I was organised for everything. I’d made the hand-outs, copied the hand-outs, organised the computer lab, and access, for all the journ students. The universe however, was having none of it and decided that today was the day to test my speed, patience and self-control. I woke up with waves of nausea, and now know that it takes approximately 6 seconds for last night’s chicken to make its way from my small intestine back up my dietary tract; about the same time it takes to get out my office, down the stairs, and to the bathroom. After that wonderful test of endurance, I then had to go and teach the little darlings, who are the journalism students for 2013.  And guess what?! The lab wasn’t ready. In fact, we only had two computers that worked, and the Uni’s internet was down (AGAIN!). So no venue, no equipment, and an unpredictable intestinal storm. And to make matters worse, once we’d found a venue to use, one of the little darlings decided that the chairs were so super awesome that he had to spend the whole hour spinning around and around in my peripheral vision. Obviously, this was exactly what my nauseous stomach needed, and I had to control the impulse to run back downstairs again.  Luckily, my amazing stamina and self-control prevailed until the end of Nikolai’s spin cycle, and the end of class. Pity that nothing else seemed to go my way. Conclusion: the universe disapproves of anal preparedness and will try to kill you with your own stomach acid if you think otherwise.


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