Who Am I?

10 Reasons I Love CoffeeLong ago I used to dream of being rich, not famous and generally happy. Stupidly, I got into academics and am now an underpaid, overworked grad student, lost in the wilds of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. And while there aren’t any lions, cheetah or leopards roaming around, there are hippos, hairy ape-like creatures and a large variety of snakes that patrol the corridors that is the University.

By day I pretend to lecture, usually fabricated as I go along, and by night I try to write my thesis, which is usually interrupted by not caring. Hopped up on caffeine, Red Bull and whatever alcoholic beverage I can afford, I’m generally grumpy at the world, and students who cannot spell or construct a proper sentence.

I have an opinion on everything because I am always right (even my supervisor will agree begrudingly to that one), and like most grad students, I have no friends (except Snowdrop the Bunny in the photo) or life, so I blog to ease the pain.


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